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The Good Samaritan Program
with Robin Hood Racing

As a new company, our events can't happen without a little help from our friends.

Good Samaritans are race volunteers. From set up and timing to awards and tear down, Good Samaritans are the unsung heroes of race day. Not anymore, at Robin Hood Racing, we want to show you our gratitude for all you do. So we created a program to thank you.

What is a Good Samaritan??


The Details
  • For each race volunteered, a Good Samaritan will receive up to 40% off a future race registration.

  • Good Samaritan race discount will be determined by the value of race volunteered.

    • 10% for mile, 15% for 5k, 20% for 10k, 35% for 15k, 40% for Half Marathon.​

  • Good Samaritan race discounts can be combined. Add up your percentages and you could race for free!

  • Good Samaritans will be provided with race day swag, gift card, and beverages.

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More Information on our Good Samaritans >

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