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Robin Hood Racing started with a passion for Rochester and a want to create unique and fun races for our already great running and athletic community.​
At Robin Hood Racing, LLC we will always:
  1. Work to complement the current race scene. We don't want to duplicate or re-create events that already exist.

  2. Provide clarity to our process, where fees are being spent, and when we do charity events.
    We are a for profit business, however, we will do our best to give back.

  3. Provide volunteers with appreciation and credit for the work they do for our company.

  4. Encourage new athletes in their fitness goals, while supporting elites in theirs. 

  5. Understand that things happen, whether your in-laws decided to come into town the SAME weekend as your race, or you get injured. See our deferral policy here: deferrals.

  6. Creating what we like to call "complete" events.  We don't want to further clutter an already busy race calendar with uninspired races.  We have a couple of ideas we are confident you'll love.


Lets try new things, challenge ourselves, and help make a great running community that much stronger.

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